A Healing Path for PTSD

A Healing Path for PTSD

The BabyBird Guide to Stress Disorders: A Healing Path for PTSD
(Print edition – Panther Books, 2016) 
(Digital edition – BabyBird Guides, 2013; currently unavailable) 

The BabyBird Guide to Stress Disorders: A Healing Path for PTSD is a brief, yet informative book intended for anyone who either thinks they have, or has someone they love who might have, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The book, written by Dr. Heather Silvio, a licensed clinical psychologist, and veteran, currently working for the US Department of Veterans Affairs, describes PTSD, and, most importantly, provides steps that can be taken to minimize the devastating symptoms of anxiety that can develop following trauma.

After introducing the topic, the book delves into the idea that trauma occurs in many places and ways, including combat, surviving physical abuse, and suffering an accident. In layman’s terms, Dr. Silvio outlines the types of symptoms someone might expect with PTSD and provides a summary checklist for readers. Is this book intended to negate the need for a clinical diagnosis? Definitely not. But for individuals who are unsure of where to turn, or don’t understand what they may be experiencing, this book that you can read in under an hour will answer the most pressing questions.

The heart of the book consists of specific tools and techniques for the most common symptoms of PTSD, whether or not an individual meets diagnostic criteria for PTSD. These tools and techniques do not necessarily require a professional for implementation, which may be important to many of the readers. Because family and friends can be critical to true recovery, there is then a section intended primarily for those individuals. Finally, the book reaches closure by encouraging the reader to remember that, above all, hope is the critical piece to moving forward with healing.

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