Beyond the Abyss

Abyss Book CoverBeyond the Abyss: Tales of the Supernatural 
(Panther Books, 2014)

Ten supernatural stories await you.
Flash fiction to novella.
Light-hearted to terrifying.

Take a ride through this thrilling supernatural collection, including:
•In A Chain Unbroken, a composer’s new keyboard brings with it more than inspiration… something from beyond… or below.
•With unexpected humor, a student Inside the Ant Farm learns the truth about mankind’s existence in the universe.
•Three women set out on an epic journey to save the post-apocalyptic world in the novella, Illusion of Truth.
•Plus, alien abductions, life after death, and much, much more!
Also includes seven poems that will leave you questioning everything from the nature of sanity to existence itself.

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